Handmade Saint Marianne Pendant

"Saint Marianne Offering Help"

 This very special pendant inspired by the artwork of one of Hawaii's most know block print artists "Dietrich Varez" is a beautiful symbol of your faith and a keepsake to cherish a lifetime.   

The pendant is available in 925 Sterling Silver or a stunning Pure 24K Gold Vermeil. 

The size is :

The pendant is handmade in our rainforest studio in Volcano, right next to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, and no two pendants are exactly alike.  Sculpted by hand, the textured design on the back of each pendant is unique to each piece.

Chains sold separately.


Saint Marianne Pendant Details 

Our jewlery is made right here in Volcano, one at a time, and custom requests are always welcome. 

  • Size:  
  • Handmade Saint Marianne Rectangular Pendant. 
  • Availabe in
       925 Sterling Silver (tarnish resistant )
       24K Vermeil ( 24K Gold over 925 Sterling Silver )
  • Unique hand-applied design on back.  No two pendants are alike
  • Other Natural stones or Pearl designs available upon request.